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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Our House

Here are some pictures from when we were in Winter Park. Me and the kids were in the condo for much of it, so that’s why there are so many porch pictures. This first one was a tornado we saw touching down over Castle Rock. By the time I took this it was starting to go away but it sure looked daunting right ahead of us.

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Hasler family

I had the priviledge of getting to photograph the Hasler family reunion portraits. What a beautiful group of families! All of the kids were so well behaved and everyone had a great time! Thanks for letting me be a part of this guys!!!

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My good friend Hannah helped me on a photo shoot the other day in Divide, and as we were driving home I saw this beautiful patch of flowers that fit her happy personality so perfectly that we pulled over and took a picture. Thanks Hannah!

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Vacation Bible School

I took this picture at my kids’ Vacation Bible School. This picture was my three year old Kai and his friend Lily on the playground. I just couldn’t resist their sweet smiles when they saw me pull out the camera!

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Matt and Rebecca

I always love it when I get to do more than one wedding for a family. Last weekend I got to shoot a wedding for Rebecca, who’s sister Erika I had the opportunity to photograph in January! Rebecca and Matt had a beautiful wedding a reception full of life and joy! It was so great to see them both again and to get to be a part of their celebration!

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