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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Baking Cookies

My husband Matt, and my three year old Kai, spent some time together this week baking cookies. They both put on their Starbucks aprons and got down to business!!! I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take some candid portraits of these sweet moments they had together as father and son. I also got to take some video which I hope to post later!

In this picture below, I couldn’t get over how beautiful Kai’s little hands were as he rolling the dough into balls. I loved how they contrasted against Matt’s rough large hands in the background as they worked together.



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Today I got to do portraits for Emily. She never got senior portraits done when she graduated from high school, and now that she’s in college she wanted to get some portraits done! She is a beautiful young woman who loves life very much. We really had a good time tromping around Fox Run Park, which is in Monument, Colorado.




I loved the way the trees formed this beautiful slant against the blue sky.


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I spent last week in Carefree, Arizona at a photography conference. It was such a great learning experience! I also had a blast getting to know other wonderful photographers from around the world. We stayed at the Carefree Resorts and Villas and it was so pretty. On the last day we got a chance to go out and do some shooting. We took turns with our friends as our models and did the set-up completely on our own throughout the resort. Below are a few of mine!!!

I loved this gorgeous bright Arizona sun and the way everything was warm and dreamy in the middle of January.


This shot is of Stephanie Zettl. She and her husband are very talented photographers who volunteered a lot of their time at the convention to take photos of many of us (me included!) Another photographer was taking her picture and she looked so mysterious and beautiful I snagged a photo of my own. She is a very beautiful woman.


When I was walking around taking pictures I saw this bush that formed an archway. So I posed my subject below it and let that gorgeous Arizona light make her glow. It was so nice to not be freezing cold while shooting portraits!


I had to try out my new 5d mark II in a real low light situation as this is what the camera excels in. All the light on this cactus is from the environment around it. I loved the way the moon was shining behind it. The Arizona desert is so beautiful!


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